Monday, October 10, 2011

My memorable journey

This is the story of my most memorable journey.
When I was a freshman in University, my best friend, Bok Ney and I planned to go hiking. Above all, it’s the first journey I prepared for by myself without any other’s help. It made me nervous but also excited. We left for an unknown adventure.
Next, we met a gorgeous man in a train, who was a newspaper reporter. His seat was in front of ours. He was on the way to hiking, too. Bok Ney, the newspaper reporter and I became friends and talked about the ways of the world  all night long. I could smell the fragrance of life from him.
Last, we decided to spend two days together for hiking. The course we chose was called ‘Death Valley’. Whenever we were at risk in Jiri mountain, he solved the problems like MacGyver.  The stars at night seemed to be so close to me as if I could touch them. The sound nature made was the most beautiful and peaceful music. The fresh air made my body and mind clean. I felt I was in another world that night.
I will never forget  the memories of Jiri mountain with Bok Ney and the newspaper reporter forever.